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Let me be employed for you or laid aside for you, exalted for you or brought low for you;

let me be full, let me be empty, let me have all things, let me have nothing;

I freely and wholeheartedly yield all things to your pleasure and disposal.

 And now, glorious and blessed God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, You are mine and I am yours.


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Melksham's Organ

The original specification, prior to 1871,  was as follows;

Open Diapason               8' Open Diapason           8'
Stopped Diapason          8' Stopped Diapason       8'
Principal                        8' Principal                     4'
Twelfth                         ?   Fifteenth                    2'
Fifteenth                       2' Trumpet                      8'
Sesquialtere                  ?
Trumpet                         8'
Swell to Great
Information about the age of the organ and its origins are disappearing in the mists of time. It was built originally some 200 years ago for St. Michael's Church, Melksham, and was probably moved to the Methodist Church, Melksham (now Melksham United Church) when the present building was opened in 1871.

We don't know who built the organ in its original form, nor who moved it in 1871, but it was probably Clarke of Bath.

The specification was considerably changed at the time it was  moved as follows; A Pedal organ was also added at this time.

Open Diapason             8' Open Diapason             8'
Viola                            8' Stopped Diapason        8'
Stopped Diapason         8' Salicional                    8'
Principal                      4' Voix Celeste                8'
Wald Flute                   4' Principal                      4'  
Fifteenth                      2'   Flageolet                     2'
Clarinet                        8'  Oboe                           8'
Cornopean                   8'
Swell to Great Tremulant

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