The Compton Census of 1676 showed Semington as having 207 conformists ( Church of England ) and 2 non-conformists. One hundred and thirty years on in 1797 houses were licensed in Semington for Methodist meetings. Records show that in 1829, Semington Methodists had 27 members and an average congregation of 80, though presumably not in the same house!

The sanctioning of a Chapel building was granted in 1884, and a chapel was built with that years date on. Mr. Henry Stockwell, grocer and postmaster, was instrumental in the chapels construction and known throughout the area for his devotion to the cause. He was clerk to the Parish Council for 39 years and chairman of the village hall construction committee. His involvement with Methodism went far beyond Semington being Trustee of the Trowbridge & Bradford Methodist Circuit, Chapel Steward, Sunday School Superintendent, and organist.

In 1912 the Duke of Somerset gave land for a Sunday school to be built attached to the chapel for its 80 scholars !
Methodist arranged outings by horse and trap and later charabanc were always eagerly awaited and much enjoyed by many in Semington.

During the 1960’s Anglican and Methodist co-operation was being discussed and shared services in both Church and Chapel cemented excellent ecumenical relations.

Some 20 years later the Wesleyan Chapel was sold and in 1981 St. George’s Anglican Parochial Church Council combined with Semington Methodist Church Council to allow for joint use of St. George’s Church for both Anglican and Methodist services.

Joyous 10th and 20th Church Sharing Anniversary Services were held in 1991 and 2001. The Bristol Methodist District Chairs, Rev Ian White and Rev Ward Jones, preached at these packed Church services. The congregations rejoiced in Gods love in enabling Free Church witness and service. The work of God under-girded by prayer has achieved much mission and outreach as we proclaim His Glory in a non-labelling denominational environment.

So after 225 years of licensed Methodism in Semington, with the last 40 being enriching, enthusiastic Church sharing, the time now seems right to draw to a close Methodist Services in Semington.
Therefore, it is with mixed emotions that we come to the end of an era, but as Christians in Semington, we believe as in the words of an Anglican Minister, Rev. John Wesley, nearing his death on the 2 March 1791 “ The best of all is, God is with us “.

We are grateful for the Area’s Ministers and local preachers who have led worship in Semington over 2 and a quarter centuries, and as Rev Ward Jones preached in our final service, we rejoice in this change of direction.

The Anglican Rector, Rev. John Rees, continues to be thanked for his invitation to allow for non-conformist Free Church service style to be enabled quarterly.

So let us praise the Lord for all that has been, and all that is to come.


The church is located at:

St George’s Church
Church Street, Semington
BA14 6JS


On entering Semington from roundabout (A361 Trowbridge/Devizes) proceed downhill taking 1st right into Church Street – The former Methodist Chapel is then on your left.  St George’s Church is 100 yards down on your right with street parking.

Times of services

Our Church meets at 9:15 and 6:00pm every Sunday

The Minister

A ministerial team arrangement between the Anglican Vicar, Revd Stephen Ball and the appointee at Trowbridge United Church,  Revd. David Ellis.  

Other key people

ContactMr Eric Clifford