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The Revd Dr John Bradbury, URC General Secretary, said: “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II lived the most remarkable life of dedicated Christian service. As a devout Anglican and Presbyterian her faith shone from her words and deeds. Her contribution to the life of our nations, the Commonwealth, and beyond will be remembered with gratitude for generations to come. She inspired respect from across the political spectrum and from monarchists and republicans alike.”

O God, our rock and our redeemer,

we come to worship you

and to give thanks for your servant Elizabeth.

We thank you for her long life

and her dedicated service to commonwealth and nations.

We thank you for what she has meant

to each one of us…

We treasure memories

of meeting her ….

of celebrating and marking moments in her life,

of the opening of parliament,

of her presence at significant times in our history,

and of her speaking to us on radio and television.

We rejoice that she lived and shared

the faith we hold

and that she followed her vocation,

hearing a call to serve.

We pray for those who will miss her most deeply,

that they may find comfort and hope.

We celebrate and affirm our faith

that death is defeated,

that new life awaits your children,

and that creation is renewed in Christ.

We pray for our nations at a time of change

and for our new King.

May he follow his mother in faithful service

and may your blessing rest on him.

We pray too for our elected representatives in parliament,

for our public servants

and for all citizens, of all faiths and none.

And, in this day and time, we pray,

as we are always glad to pray,

may your Kingdom come. Amen.