Letter regarding Coronavirus

Dear Friends,

In accordance with the recommendations issued on 17th March from our parent denominations: The United Reformed Church and The Methodist Church, all public worship in the Wiltshire United Area has been suspended until further notice. This means there will be no services on Sundays or weekdays, nor will user groups be able to use the premises.
This will be a great sadness to many for whom the rhythm of worship: prayer, reading and hearing God’s word, singing God’s praise and sharing Holy Communion is a natural part of their life. So things will be different in coming weeks.

The Area Staff will endeavour to keep in touch with church members in the coming weeks by phone or email.  We’ll send out messages and prayers regularly as well as being available by phone, because we realise how isolating this time may well be.  In addition Rev David each week will be producing a Home Service sheet, basically an A4 sheet of prayers and readings and a brief reflection based on the lectionary.  If you would like a copy or think people in your congregation might appreciate this please contact  David.   If you want to photocopy this for people please remember to wear gloves when photocopying and likewise when placing the sheet in a sealed envelope.
Remember that the church is the people not the building – it’s just going to be different for a while. We encourage you to continue in prayer and creatively show love and kindness to all, whilst also keeping safe.
You may also like to join us each evening at 9pm, praying to God for all those suffering, their loved ones and those caring for them, and remembering those who mourn.  You may also like to pray for all the members and friends within the churches in the United Area.
This message comes with the assurance of our prayers for each of you.

Gary, Area Chair,            David Superintendent.

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